Approaches to Homeschool


There are so many choices out there for homeschoolers; how do you decide what will work for your family? This post takes a look at 10 different homeschooling styles, from unschooling to classical, and asks questions like “how do they view children?” and “how do they say learning works?” If you are just starting your […]

Lunch with Trim Healthy Mama (free printable meal list!)


Following the Trim Healthy Mama plan? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new plan, but the best way to stick with the program is to adapt your regular meals to a new way of eating. And that’s easy with a list of meal ideas that require no special ingredients! Tonia at The Sunny Patch has a […]

FREE Preschool Mayflower Printable Set

Free Mayflower Printable Set

Are you setting up your Thanksgiving lesson plans? Jill over at Blessed Beyond a Doubt has a download for you on the MayFlower. You can download this FREE Preschool Mayflower Printable Set at Blessed Beyond a Doubt. Inside you’ll find letter and number recognition pages, puzzles, poetry and more! This post may contain affiliate links.

Easy Cloud Dough Recipe

Easy Cloud Dough Recipe

Easy Cloud Dough Recipe Do you have an active kid, or maybe more, at home? Always getting into something, and the messier and more creative the better? Yeah…that’s me. And he loved it when I made this easy cloud dough recipe! One thing I kept in mind was when his younger cousins or friends would […]

Unit Study Posts

Homeschool Village Unit Study Guides

Looking for Unit Study Planners? We have a wonderful collection pulled together in a couple of places for you. First make sure to visit our Unit Study Board on Pinterest for more details and ideas. If you would like to contribute to this or any of our other Pinterest boards, make sure you are following […]

TOS Magazine Curiosity Files on sale for FREE today

Curiosity Files: The Series

Don’t miss this sale. The Old Schoolhouse always has awesome prices…but today only the TOS Magazine Curiosity Files on sale for FREE today! – From $125 to $0  ‪#‎TOSMag‬ ‪#‎homeschool‬  

History with The Story of the World


If you’re looking for a great history program that you can use with multiple ages take a look at The Story of the World series from Peace Hill Press. With a reading text and activity book you can all learn about the same history topic together as a family. But, keeping all the extras straight can be […]

All American Pressure Cooker Giveaway

All American Canner Giveaway

All American Pressure Cooker Giveaway We are excited to be partnering with several other bloggers to bring this awesome pressure cooker to one lucky reader. Good luck on your entries!

Tips for Organizing a Shared Closet


Are you struggling for more space? Are you sharing a closet for several children? This super article contains Tips for Organizing a Shared Closet from Susan Evans at Susan’s Homeschool Blog. She share seven tips that will make all the difference in your available closet space.

Trim Healthy Mama Snack Ideas Printable {no special ingredients}


Are you following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating? Need some snack time inspiration? Tonia at The Sunny Patch has a great printable with 15 snack ideas, divided according to Trim Healthy Mama guidelines, that require no special ingredients. All you need is this printable and a quick trip to the grocery store and you […]