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The Homeschool Village was started as and continues today to be a community. With the recent changes in ownership, structuring of submissions and changes in staff members; it has come to our attention that some of the author bio and links have been removed from a large number of posts. Please understand that this was […]

Jesus Sees Us Doll & Lesson Book {Review}

Jesus Sees Us Doll & Lesson Book {Review}

Remember back around Christmas time, the popular Elf on a Shelf made their annual appearance? The kids usually go crazy about them! Well, two moms have come up with the Jesus Sees Us Doll & Lesson Book as a way for us to talk about Jesus with our kids while making it fun at the […]

Top 10 Rainbow Busy Bags for Preschool


Who doesn’t love to learn all about colors via the rainbow or ROYGBIV? Check out 10 fun busy bags that will keep preschoolers busy and engaged! These Top 10 Rainbow Busy Bags are great for St. Patrick’s Day or Spring or any day your child wants to learn about colors. Check out all the fun […]

Homeschooling Science: Chemistry for Kids {free printables}


Science with upper elementary kids is the perfect time to start working on independence. Tonia at The Sunny Patch has some great tips for using chemistry lessons to teach kids to work independently. Using a fun chemistry kit and the free printable experiment & definitions pages she provides, you can have a great year teaching your kids to […]

Little House on the Prairie Giveaway


Little House on the Prairie is celebrating the launch of their new, official website by offering the ultimate Prize Package Giveaway. They are giving away the first four seasons of the newly remastered TV series, the best selling Pioneer Girl autobiography (packaged with an exclusive Pioneer Girl tote bag!), and the recently released documentary about […]

Free Printable Resurrection Day Learning Pack

Free Printable Resurrection Day Learning Pack

Looking for something to enhance your Easter studies? This 30-page educational printable pack by Paradise Praises includes: Coloring pages Phonics, language and beginning reading activities Basic addition activities Crossword Puzzle and Word Searches Handwriting page and more! Suitable for ages 3 to 10. Download Free over at Paradise Praises.  

No Longer a Slumdog {Book Review}

No Longer a Slumdog {Book Review}

I don’t often cry when I read a book. When I do, it must be a pretty emotional topic, like the ones in No Longer a Slumdog by K.P. Yohannan. He tells stories of several children of India and Asia who have been abandoned, sold, or just left to fend for themselves in a cruel world. Read […]

Teaching Life Skills to Kids {free printable}


In the busy life of homeschooling it’s easy to forget basic skills that every person needs. We’re so busy teaching history, science, math, and grammar that it’s easy for other things to go unnoticed. But there are plenty of skills that kids need that they might not learn in their math book or grammar text. […]

Free Homeschool Planner


The Relaxed Homeschool has a great freebie for you! Head on over to their page to download your free homeschool planner! This planner will help you keep attendance, track curriculum, and more! Download your planner here:

Shamrock Letter Match


Looking for a fun way to work on letter recognition? Try out this Shamrock Letter Match from Something 2 Offer. Thaleia shares how much fun her preschool son had matching upper case letters with homemade bottle cap letters using sparkling stickers. A great budget friendly craft made from dollar store supplies and recycled bottle caps.

Contributor Team Application

Come see the NEW Homeschool Village. All of your favorite #organization resources in one place!

The HomeSchool Village is looking to put together a new team of contributors for 2015. If you write about homeschooling, organization, crafts/DIY projects or are skilled in pulling together round ups then you should consider joining our team. Details: We are looking for (1) one post commitment per month for 6 months – 6 posts […]