HSV Author Bios

Come see the NEW Homeschool Village. All of your favorite #organization resources in one place!

The Homeschool Village was started as and continues today to be a community. With the recent changes in ownership, structuring of submissions and changes in staff members; it has come to our attention that some of the author bio and links have been removed from a large number of posts. Please understand that this was […]

Contributor Team Application

Come see the NEW Homeschool Village. All of your favorite #organization resources in one place!

The HomeSchool Village is looking to put together a new team of contributors for 2015. If you write about homeschooling, organization, crafts/DIY projects or are skilled in pulling together round ups then you should consider joining our team. Details: We are looking for (1) one post commitment per month for 6 months – 6 posts […]

Dinosaur Math Worksheets


The dinosaur math worksheets are super cute and a great way to make learning math fun. These would be great for your  kindergarten or grade 1 student, my son loved them.  I’ve created pages for number recognitions, addition, subtraction, ten frames, fill in the blanks and connect the dot puzzles. Download these Dinosaur Math Worksheets […]

A-Plus Interactive Math {Review}


Math can be a tricky subject for our kids, no matter what grade they are in! Sherryl Wilson has written about this topic over at her blog, Simply Sherryl, and breaks down an online resource called A-Plus Interactive Math. This is a great place to either teach your child math straight from their website using […]

Math Cheat Sheet


Struggle with Math? Samantha created a personalized Math Cheat Sheet! You can be a whiz at math – no matter if you like it or not. Anyways, here are some free math printables to help you survive math. This sheet is good for approximately grades 4-8. The colors are for visual learners, like myself. This […]

50+ Ways Your Child Can Learn Without a Curriculum!


Wendy has been homeschooling for 9+years. While her family have used many different curricula in their home, they have also learned that children learn a lot through exploration and play WITHOUT a curriculum. Head on over to WendyWoerner.com and subscribe to gain access to this fabulous list of 50+ Ways Your Child Can Learn Without […]

The 5 Love Languages for Men {Book Review}

The 5 Love Languages for Men

Are you familiar with Gary Chapman’s Love Languages? They are 5 different ways that men and women both express and feel love. He’s released a new book just for the guys, called The 5 Love Languages for Men. It is filled with great advice how to identify and express your wife’s love language.

Big Green Giveaway

Big Green Giveaway It’s finally here! Natural Organic Network is the new venture that Honey, Thaleia and myself have been working on since last fall. This is our first event; and it is a huge one! Good luck on your entries. Living green, healthy and organic is more than the products you buy or the […]

Free Valentine’s Day Worksheets for Beginning Readers


Here are a few FREE worksheets for your beginning reader this Valentine’s Day! It’s the perfect combo for your little one to have fun and learn something! Visit Sight and Sound Reading for these and other wonderful Valentine’s Day Worksheets.

Valentine’s Day Drinks


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this fun drink! The best part is its easy to incorporate reading and phonics into this yummy recipe – Sipping Strawberry Soda from a Straw! Check out all the Valentine’s Day Drinks!