The Roger Love Singing Academy Review


Love to sing? Want to take your skill set to the next level? Sherryl @ SimplySherryl reviewed The Roger Love Singing Academy. I appreciate that you can take four lessons before committing to purchase the program. I grew up singing. Music was a big part of our daily life. Fast forward a couple of decades […]

Learning about the Human Body


Looking for a fun way to study the human body?  Tonia at The Sunny Patch has created 12-weeks of lessons that will guide you through teaching the different systems of the body. Your kids will learn all about the body by making one! They’ll also do some memorable experiments and learn the basics of recording scientific experiments.  […]

Art Projects

Art Projects Giveaway

Art Projects from See The Light! Art Projects: Boxed Set is on special during the month of September!

Nexus 7 Giveaway

Nexus 7 Giveaway

Welcome to the Nexus of Entertainment Sweepstakes Organized by Budget Earth Co-Hosted by Water Runs Uphill | Swanky Point of View | Mom of 4 Boys | Mommy Makes Time Tech News Philippines| Memoirs of a Clueless Woman | Finger Click Saver | The Tween & Me Barbara Beat’s| Do It Yourself Fun Ideas | […]

Fruiti Freeze Machine Giveaway

Fruiti Freeze Machine Giveaway Are you a fan of frozen treats? The Fruiti Freeze  Machine makes enjoying them at home simple. We are excited to bring this giveaway to the group. Enter below to win one of two machines!

Animal Study Lesson Plans for K-3


If you’ve thought about covering the subject of animals and classification with your children but weren’t sure where to start, this 18-week lesson plan will help! You’ll spend 18 weeks classifying & observing animals, dissecting a clam, a fish, and an owl pellet (and you can include more dissection if your kids enjoy it!). They’ll […]

10 Science Kits

10 Science Kits

From keeping them busy over the summer to getting back into the mindset of school, these awesome Science Kits are just too much fun! Katrina @ Simply Sherryl has created a list of the top 10 Science Kits to keep your crew learning.

School of Bookkeeping

School of Bookkeeping

Looking for an extra high school level Math course? Perhaps even a training course in keeping the books or budget for your home or business. Sherryl @ Simply Sherryl is reviewing the School of Bookkeeping course.

Back 2 School Bash

Back 2 School Bash

  We are partnering with Savory Savings to share this Back2School Bash. Finding healthy snacks that our children enjoy is often a challenge. YumEarth has you covered.

4 Tips for Starting School


Good Tips Tuesday on SimplySherryl has 4 articles on Tips for Starting School. Check out the awesome posts on scheduling, starting with a preschooler or schooling year round. Articles on: 10 Gluten Free Recipes for Kids Daily Home Preschool Schedule Starting School for Children on the Autism Spectrum Student Planner for Year Round Homeschooling