Organizing Art Supplies

Art projects are a lot of fun and add some great projects to your homeschool. but those supplies can be a pain to keep up with. Check out this storage solutions.

Do you love to do art projects with your children? Do you have supplies all over your home? My boys love to do different art projects and we have a lot of different supplies throughout the house. If you are looking for a way to keep some of your supplies in order be sure to […]

Homeschooling Kindergarten Resources

Looking for resources for homeschooling your kindergartner? This post is full of some great resources

  Do you have a child that will soon be in Kindergarten? There are many different options for teaching young children, way more than you have time to search through. Kindergarten is a great time to make the transition from preschool to more formal homeschool lessons. It’s important to still have fun while creating a […]

Planning Period for Moms

Moms be sure to set time aside each week to plan meals, lessons and more!

Do you have a set time when you sit down to plan your week? Amy of Raising Arrows shares how she makes time each week to get time alone to plan. She shares how she plans for homeschool, chores, meals and more in Homeschool Mamas Need a Planning Period Too!

Organizing Lesson Plans

Organizing your lesson plans in a way that saves you time and is actually useful.

Writing lesson plans can take a lot of time.  If you need some help with keeping your plan organized, Ticia has a great post about getting your lesson plans in order so you can save time. She walks you through how she plans lessons for her children, how she organizes those plans and how she […]

Organize your Wardrobe

While you are switching out your winter gear for spring clothes take a few extra minutes to really organize your wardrobe

With the seasons changing you may be gearing up for cleaning out your closet.  Take some extra time to organize your entire wardrobe with these tips from Psycho With 6. 

How to Plan a Unit Study

Need some help putting a unit study together? These post has lots of helpful tips

    Have you ever tried to put a unit study together but ended up overwhelmed and frustrated? Unit studies can be a great way to learn new topics and teach multiple grade levels. If you need some help getting started Cindy from Our Journey Westward walks to through step by step how to plan […]

Organizing Daily Lessons with Workboxes

Workboxes are a great tool for organizing your daily lessons

Keeping daily assignments straight can take a lot of work, especially if you have more than one child. Many homeschool families use workboxes to stay organized and help children know what they need to get done each day.  Meet Penny shares how she updated her workbox system to make it work better for her family. […]

Schedules, Planning and Time Management

Need some help figuring out your homeschool schedule? This post has lots of resources for schedules, planning, time management and more.

Once you have your homeschool curriculum chosen the next task is often schedules and lesson plans. There are many different methods of planning and scheduling which is great because there are different types of homeschool families. If you are looking for some help with scheduling and planning NextGen Homeschool has a collection of posts that […]