Memory Boxes

Paper Doll

I watch as my little girl’s eyes well up with tears for no apparent reason.  “What’s wrong?” I ask sympathetically. “I’m so sad about my paper princess doll,” she sobs.  “I miss her!  Why did you throw her away?  In those stinky fish?  I should have written my name on her!” I heave an exasperated […]

Fountain of Energy


My name is Jane, and I am a Monster-holic. Actually, anything labeled “Energy” is on my grab list.  Due to financial (and health) constraints, I’m currently substituting instant coffee for Monster drinks.  Sometimes I’m tempted to eat those coffee granules straight for faster results. Life is busy.  Overwhelming.  I could give you all MY reasons […]

Waiting in the Kitchen


We drive past a store “Sale” sign, and Esmé tells me, “If something you want to buy costs $20, and it is 50% off, then you only have to pay $10 for it!” Yep, that’s my Daddy’s girl!  She’s got her shopping math down pat – and that’s all the math she really needs to […]

Preschool: Traditions, Why again??

Happy Birthday Jesus

Esmé was two years old.  It was her first Christmas in the US.  I was going to do this one right. On Christmas morning, I get up at 5:30 a.m. to wrap the last gifts.  I have visions of the three of us drinking hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls while reading the last Jesse […]

Preschool: Gift Vine

Ladybug Vine

The recent first frost triggered a rare domestic day for us as 4yo Esmé and I gleaned the grapes the birds and deer had left on our vines, steaming and freezing 20 quarts of grape juice. The vines held object lessons aplenty. We discussed Jesus’ discourse on “I am the vine.” I dispelled the notion […]

Preschool: Wearing a Smile

Happy Face

There is a downside to having a kid who sees the upside in everything. Seriously.  Esmé never takes me seriously. I knew there was going to be a problem when she was a toddler and we had stacks of eye-level finger-sized 220V electrical outlets in our Mozambican house.  We could scold and smack her tiny […]

Preschool: Dreaming Big!

Rock Star

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” And so goes a typical conversation starter with kids from the time they are teeny.  We are amused by their imaginings and inspired by the potential of a fresh slate of life. Esmé (4yo) recently told me, “When I grow up, I want to work […]

Preschool Lapbooking

Lapbooking with Preschoolers, by Jane When Esmé was 2, I realized that lapbooking was a most excellent way of keeping themed printables and mini-projects organized and easily accessible for review (and for future generations, but that is a whole other topic). I’ve discovered that other homeschoolers have never tried lapbooking because it seems too complicated […]