9 Tips on Effective Home Schooling

9 Tips on Effective Home Schooling   With mounting concerns about overcrowding and the quality of public education, search parents are increasingly considering the home schooling alternative. According to the U.S. Department of Education, dosage the number of students being home schooled is growing each year.

4 Advantages of Homeschooling with Paper Planners

4 Advantages of Homeschooling with Paper Planners   With so many advances in technology over the years, it is easy to assume that it might be the best way to go when organizing your homeschool. However, let the tech savvy homeschooling moms over at A Plan in Place show why you shouldn’t rule out paper […]

Summertime Learning

Summertime Learning Do you take the summer off from schooling or do you follow a different schedule?  We take the month of July off from academics and start back the beginning of August with a three day schedule along with lots of day trips and other learning activities. Summertime Learning doesn’t have to be just […]

One Tool You Need for Homeschool Organization

One Tool You Need for Homeschool Organization Sometimes we do seem to complicate matters. What if there really was ONE tool that could help you organize your homeschool? What if that ONE tool was simple, vialis 40mg smart, and even small? Now that is something exciting! In one spiral bound book you can work through […]

Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference

Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference Considering homeschooling or just getting started? Come to the largest home education event in the region! Join thousands of others at the Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference for three days full of home education and Christian family discipleship workshop sessions (90+ workshops with 25+ speakers), pharm a huge curriculum fair (with 200+ […]

Quiz: Find your Homeschooling Style

Quiz: Find your Homeschooling Style   There are so many ways to homeschool and so many curriculum options. If you don’t know where to start, this quiz from Letters from Nebby will get you on the right track. With 16 approaches to homeschooling considered and links to resource lists, you are sure to find what […]

Well Planned Gal

Well Planned Gal Here at The HomeSchool Village, we love organization and planning! So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we are excited to be listening to Rebecca Keliher speak at the upcoming Tenacious Faith Women’s Conference since she’s the woman behind the Well Planned Gal. They cover everything from planners and magazines to […]

Free Digestive System Worksheets

Free Digestive System Worksheets   Your kids will have fun learning about their digestive system with these free worksheets! The digestive system is important to understand and makes a great study for your homeschool science class! Are you looking for resources to teach your kids about their bodies?

Free Dr. Seuss Inspired Puzzles

Free Dr. Seuss Inspired Puzzles Kids love puzzles and they help kids work on many different skills! Fun learning resources help encourage our kids to love to learn! Kids of all ages love Dr. Seuss, mind so these Free Dr. Seuss Inspired Puzzles are great for your homeschooling fun!

Free Kindergarten President’s Day Lesson Plan

Free Kindergarten President’s Day Lesson Plan President’s Day is just around the corner, do you have a lesson plan ready for your Kindergartners? It’s important for even our youngest students to understand the history of America. The Presidents of the United States of America provide great lessons for our children to learn in history class!

6 Tips to Create a Homeschool Schedule That Works

6 Tips to Create a Homeschool Schedule That Works Setting up a homeschool schedule that works for your family can be a bit challenging, viagra dosage but it can be done! There are 6 simple tips that will help you take a look at your own family to discover what type of schedule would work […]

Responsibility Chart for Preschoolers

Responsibility Chart for Preschoolers Young children love to help around the house. Usually. Sometimes kids need a little help organizing themselves and remembering to complete their responsibilities. Having their own chore chart helps foster a spirit of independence while also giving a little extra motivation. This free printable responsibility chart for preschoolers is available at […]

Silver Packages — Christmas Book Activities

Silver Packages — Christmas Book Activities One of my favorite Christmas stories is called Silver Packages.  It is a story about a rich man who had an accident and was cared for by a house in the hills. He tried to give them money when he was well, but they wouldn’t accept it. So instead, every […]

Life While Homeschooling

Life While Homeschooling I guess you could call me the grandma of homeschooling.  As the director of a large home school co-op, there I was involved with a lot of home school families.  Each family was unique in its own way. Some busy and rambunctious while others were quiet and more refined. It is truly […]

Free Reading Record Printable

Free Reading Record Printable Studies prove that kids need to read daily. Even if your state doesn’t require it, keeping track of the books that your child reads is important. At the end of the year it is amazing to see how far they have come and all of the books that they have read.